Friday, October 21, 2016

Our Promise





Dear Prospective Customers,

We built this company because of our passion for soccer.  We built this company because of our love for technology.  We built this company because of our anal retentive search for efficiency.  Most of all though, we built this company to reduce the stress that administrators and parents face with registration every day. 



  • We promise to stand behind every product and service that we sell
  • We promise to protect your customer data with the highest respect for privacy and security
  • We promise to support you and your customers at every interaction with the service
  • We have always met or exceeded deadlines…we promise to continue
  • We promise to always try and go above and beyond to relieve stress
  • We promise to keep the best interest of administrators and parents in mind with every decision that we make

Choose us because we have the best service, knowledgeable and friendly employees and we have a Passion to make this the easiest service that you and your parents have ever used. 



The Blue Sombrero Team

Copyright 2004 BlueSombrero, LLC.