Monday, October 24, 2016

Our Technology


Simple Passion:  The Technology


Our Technology is about being the best.  It’s about our investment and our customer’s investment in the best.  The goal is not just to make something that works.  We all have that stuff sitting in our closets.  We want a service that excels, enhances, boosts and simplifies our lives.  Let’s talk about how our people and our technology accomplish that:



  • The number one key to the success of our service is people.  You have to have a passionate team that understands sports administrators and can build a process that is “ergonomic” for both the parents and administrators.  Building a great software service is similar to building a great house; it has to have “flow.”  Imagine a 1200 sq. ft. house with 100 separate rooms and only one kitchen!  If that was your home, I would imagine there would be a “for sale” sign in the yard very shortly.  If you don’t fully understand how your customers are going to interact with your software on a daily basis…your service will fail.  At Blue Sombrero, every person that designs your software is a sports administrator.  We take process “flow” very seriously and it is the only way we can have registration success rates of 90%. 


  • .NET:   .NET is the future of Microsoft.  It is a development platform that represents all of the power and resources that Microsoft has to offer.  .NET is their strategy to connect people, systems, information and devices through software.  Fully integrated into one platform, .NET provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, and manage technology that makes your life easier and less stressful.  .NET is about simplicity.  It is the defining reason we chose this platform.  From the very beginning we have been focused on the end game…simplicity. 

Simplicity through:

1.      Integration

a.       A more successful registration process “flow”- 90% of registrations from first time users go through without difficulty

b.      One fully integrated vendor

c.       Increased speed and ease of implementation

d.      A more professional image

2.      Reduced development schedules

a.       Brings functionality faster

b.      Quicker response times to customer feedback

c.       Inspires innovation

d.      Leads to great pricing



  • QA:  QA stands for Quality Assurance.  These guys and gals are hardcore computer fanatics.  They are the key to short development cycles and functionality releases.  Not only do they stress test every line of code, they create thousands of test scenarios to stress test the application to make sure it runs smoothly. 

What does this mean for you?  This means that you will see new functionality, greater features, more enhancements and YOUR feedback in use faster than anywhere else.  And you will know that the service has been thoroughly tested and is extremely reliable. 



  • Security:  We have invested in space at a top of the line Collocation Facility here in Atlanta, GA to protect our servers and of all your information.  It is locked 24/7 with a round the clock guard and biometric scanners.  Your information is backed up daily with redundant hard drives to insure that none of your data is lost.  All of our applications run on SQL server and are firewall protected.  All of your parent’s important information is encrypted by Verisign, the leader in online transaction security, using the highest industry standard, 128k SSL encryption. 



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