Picture Day This Saturday 9/20 - Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Parents -

Attached is a picture form that you will need for SAT.  If you are unable to print, forms will be available at photo desk on Saturday (Intramural and Micro/Petite).
For Intramural please arrive at least 45 minutes prior to your game time.  Please note that we know that parking at Russell is awful in general and worse on picture day.  We have asked the school district to allow us a one time use of the playground area (that is used for back to school nights, craft shows, etc....) but have been told no.  So, please plan accordingly.  Games will either start on time or be shortened as MUST end on time.   Thank you, in advance, for your patience, cooperation and understanding.

Coaches Needed! - Friday, August 29, 2014

We are currently short head three coaches in the Novice division; two for boys teams; one for a girls team.  

We have had several parents volunteer to be an assistant or team manager; but no one wants the responsibility to run practices or manage the games.

We urgently need volunteers to step up to run the practices for these three teams; practices start next week.

The time commitment is less than 3.5 hours per week; two one hour practices and one hour game day.

Some of you did coach in Micro, but, for whatever reason, you stopped.  Intramural is just one more step up in the process.

We have on-line coaching tools and aids.  We have videos/dvds.  We will have paid trainers for six weeks starting third week in September.  We will have a board member come and help run a practice.  

But there is only so much that MNSA board is able to do.   Most of the board also coaches at least one team, many of us (myself included) coach two.  Thus, We need a few parents; three out of the 140 players in the Novice division, to step up and coach a team.

Please reply to this email if you are willing to help out.  

Respectfully yours,

Kirk Klinger 
MNSA President

Letter from the President and Survey Results - Friday, August 29, 2014
Please click here to view the letter from the President.

Please click here to view the 2013 MNSA Survey results.

Last Registrations - Friday, August 08, 2014
MNSA Families –
If you have not registered for Petite, Micro or Intramural Soccer, please do so immediately.  We are finalizing the teams and schedules for the Fall 2014 season and delaying your registration may result in your player being placed on a waiting list or missing out on the season.  While registration remains open, some divisions are full or close to full.  If you have not registered prior to reading this, we strongly encourage you to do so immediately.

If you have registered, you will hear from your Intramural, Micro or Petite coach by end of month.

Travel Soccer

A competitive soccer program with both boys and girls teams playing in fall leagues. Travel provides the opportunity for advanced instruction, playing with your peers, and the ability to play other local clubs (typical drive time is within 30 minutes) in the area.
Intramural Soccer

A community soccer program focused on team building and fun for boys and girls 7 thru 17 years of age. Teams play in separate divisions for boys and girls and are split up according to appropriate age ranges. 


Petite & Micro Soccer
A soccer program focused on fun learning at an introductory level for boys and girls 3 through 6 years of age. Each session will include approximately 30 minutes of learning a skill, followed by 30 minutes of scrimmage. 
Indoor Soccer

Provides an opportunity for area children to continue the fall soccer activity through the winter months. Indoor Soccer takes place on weekends from January through March. 


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