Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Welcome to the BYSA online registration system. 

If you are a first time registrant to our new system, please click on the 'Register' button the upper right hand corner.  You will be asked to supply an ID and Password, and to complete account information.  Account information should contain information pertinent to Parents or Guardians.  Following that, you will be requested to register your children in our online system.

If you are a returning member, please click on the 'Login' button above, provide your username and password, and then click on 'Sign In', and you will be connected to your account.  Your information from previous seasons has been saved to make your registration process more convenient.  Please be sure your account information is correct, the address, phone number and email are used for future communication.


Travel Divisions:  If you are considering our travel programs, please register for that division only.  Travel teams require tryouts and you will be indicating your interest in participating in this process.  If your child does not qualify for the travel team, we will automatically place them in the appropriate recreation division.

BYSA Code of Conduct:  During the registration process, you will be required to agree with the BYSA Code of Conduct for Parents and Players.  Please take the time to review the tenets of our policy.

Registration Fee Increases:  Effective Fall 2014, our registration fees have increased for our programs.  Two changes have driven this increase.  We have invested in a new program with coaches from UK International Soccer for our MiniKicker division and will be considering using this same organization for our Nutmeg Programs in the future.  Our Junior and Senior divisions will also be making a change in our league uniform policy.  Starting in the fall 2014, soccer shirts and socks, while purchased and distributed by the league, will become the property of the individual player and will not have to be returned at the completion of the season.


Volunteers - Wednesday, January 01, 2014
If you are interested in volunteering for a coaching or team manager position within Berlin Youth Soccer, please note that you must complete two steps:

1) Complete the volunteer section in this registration system. This will register your name with Berlin Youth Soccer.  Please enter your legal name since we will be matching this information to your background check.

2) You must go to the CT Junior Soccer League web site ( and complete the background check information if you have not done this in the past three years.  All volunteers in BYSA are required to complete a background check with CJSA every three years. 

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